"Drowning: A Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Short Story"

by M.C. Frank

I saved her life. Now I'm the one who is drowning.
A Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Short Story
# Billionaires
# New Adult
# Contemporary
# Romance
# Drama

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Most people know me as Wes Spencer, Hollywood’s golden boy, who has billions of dollars and billions of fans. What they don’t know is that for the first time in my twenty-two years, I am trying to create something by myself. I am shooting my first ever indie movie, written and produced by me. I will also be starring in it. And I will need a stunt actor. A good one. Preferably, a girl. And right now, said stunt actor, a girl, has walked into the auditorium where I am holding auditions. Except. I know her. She is the girl who shattered me. Because, another thing most people don’t know about me? I am destroyed. And she is the one who destroyed me. This is just perfect.